Have You Ever Thought of Journals as Another Form of Writer’s Notebook?

I certainly didn’t. While that may not have been Stephanie Dowrick’s intention, since I am on page 22 of her book I can’t say for certain, I have already purchased a blue leather-bound journal for ten dollars and written three entries. Instead of writing only about everyday events, which I am sure some days that is all I will write about, I have been working through my thoughts of where I want my writing to go, what I want to write, and how my creative day has been going. This has even led into some story ideas and planning when I found myself tempted to describe the river I saw during my drive the other day. Whatever way you decide to use this resource, it is worth a good reading!

The Os and Is of Writing: Organizational and an Inspirational Resource

Creative Journal Writing by Stephanie Dowrick


Organizing Your Blog Posts

The Os of Writing:

Mama Jenn’s My 2013 Blogging Planner is a great way to organize your blogging schedule. It includes: a monthly blog calendar, spots for monthly blog planning, making to do lists, and recording your giveaways, etc. Visit her blog for a free download. http://www.mamajennblogs.com/2012/12/my-2013-blogging-planner-free-printable.html

It takes courag…

It takes courage to do what you want. Other people have a lot of plans for you.

-Joseph Campbell

January is National Organization Month

Since I have begun looking for inspiration, in the attempt to kick-start my writing, and my goal is to work at becoming more organized: these two concepts have become the true inspiration for this blog. I hope you will follow, The Os and Is of Writing, as I post interesting quotations, photographs and images of inspiring places, helpful books and resources, and search for prompts and ideas for writing, as well as, other things writers may want to know like: ways to organize writing notebooks, writing spaces, and collections of writing materials. Hopefully, somewhere amidst these posts you will find something helpful – whether it suits your inspirational or organizational needs – so Happy Reading and ENJOY!

Set Fire or Shoot Your Writing into Action for the NEW YEAR

By Denise Reashore

January is the time for beginnings. The first month of a fresh new year – it explodes onto the scene gushing with excitement, swift decisions, and grand plans for re-organization. An eagerness to create new habits sets a fire burning and we eagerly vow to change our writing habits.

Like a smoking gun, the excitement often cools too quickly and is lost in the wind. Before long, all of our good intentions feel as if they were for naught. But, here are some reliable strategies that will help you surge through 2013 while blazing a path in your writing that will be very difficult not to follow:

1)      Blast away thoughts of inadequate time to write by purchasing a flashy notebook, with a cover meant to inspire, and carry it with you at all times. Allow no time for excuses and always carry an extra pen.

2)      Trigger an app on your iPhone or android that allows you to type whenever and where ever inspiration arises.

3)      If ideas shoot through your head faster than you can put pen to paper, launch your ideas by using a voice recorder or speech-to-text on your cell phone and rewrite them in your new notebook when you have time.

4)      Struggling to create? Break open a favourite book and read. While lost in the language, words and phrases can burn, blister, and scorch a thought into your mind until it is ready to detonate and your only job will be to allow it to erupt onto the page.

5)      The searing lines of a favourite song or flare of a few key words may be enough to enthuse. Take a moment to relax and enjoy some music when you are lacking inspiration.

6)      Search for ammunition among the many writing prompts found on the internet. Once you have discharged all thoughts on that topic, fire your creativity at a current project or burst through a scene or character description that has been threatening to combust.

Charge into the New Year ready to ignite your writing with these strategies and they may help shoot you into action this January and every month that follows.

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