A while ago, I came across the idea of designing imaginary book covers to inspire your creativity during the writing process and help with visualizing your main character. It has even been suggested in magazines that you write a book blurb for the novel you are trying to write. Another writer mentioned creating soundtracks for the book that he/she was writing. I can picture myself using this song for just that purpose. Maybe, there is something to the soundtrack idea.

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..to be able to…

…to be able to write consistently, this is a skill you absolutely must develop.

-Kristi Holl

Writer’s First Aid: Getting Organized, Getting Inspired, and Sticking to It

Setting a Goal for a Daily Word Count

I have, as of late, been following Joanna Penn’s blog, The Creative Penn. Just recently, Joanna put up a post which appeals to my teacher side, with her talk of behavioural charts and making writing into a daily habit. While I feel I am nowhere near that organized, it is nice to know there are the people, like Joanna and so many others, who inspire me to do better.

The Os of Writing: Organizing your writing schedule to be more productive by setting a daily word count goal


Writing somethi…

Writing something down, I often feel that I am “making room” inside my own mind so that new thoughts can arise or so that my mind can rest.

-Stephanie Dowrick

Creative Journal Writing: the art and heart of reflection

Love Yourself, Love Your Writing

Written by Denise Reashore

Most people think of February as the time for couples but, this month, take some time for yourself and your writing.

1)      Your writing should be full of passion. Gather your many notebooks – and if you don’t have any, maybe you should look into making some new purchases – and spend some quality time together, refreshing your memory on what wonders and surprising gifts fill their pages, and find magic in the passionate words written there.

2)      Celebrate. Just like in any good relationship, you need to celebrate your successes. Respect where you were when you started writing, admire how you and your writing have grown, and honor where you are right now.

3)      Reflect on your current path. Do you continue to feel joy as you pen words? Is your heart in it for the long haul? Are you pleased with the path you have taken? What do you want from your writing? And where do you want the two of you to go?

4)      Require some couples counseling? Be understanding! Listen to your inner self. Try journaling – it will allow you to record your thoughts, needs and desires, and help you to work through your current writing problem(s).

5)      Don’t look to the stars, get professional help. While your horoscope may help you to pick out lucky numbers – don’t count on it for important decisions – make sure you choose a good resource to help support and spice up your writing.

6)      Encourage growth, and a future, by making plans. Set goals on where you want to be next week, next month, and next year. Where do you see yourself and your writing in five years?

When people think of February, LOVE, candy and valentines come to mind – among other things – but this month take some time to look back over your writing, admire how far you both have come, treasure your successes and failures, and move into your future refreshed and with a plan!

Ready to Organize Your Thoughts and Knowledge into A Blog?

When I came up with the brilliant idea of starting a website, back when I didn’t have a clue what a blog was or how to design my own webpage and hadn’t even heard a podcast – let alone knew what one was,  I started to do some research. That is when I heard a podcast for the first time and found The 12 Dos and Don’ts of Writing a Blog by Brian Klems.

I jotted down notes in my new lime green, plastic-covered notebook with the butterfly bookmark and bookmarked this resource on my computer for future reference. When I was ready to tackle the designing of a blog, I looked this up once again and found it quite helpful.

The Os of Writing: Website/Blog Resource for Writing a Blog

Brian A. Klems, Online Editor, writes for Writer`s Digest as well as Questions & Quandaries and The Life of Dad.


Inspirational Photos: Stage the Perfect Setting for your Story

The Is of Writing: Inspirational Photos Inspiration can come in many forms. Try using photographs to get your writing started.  They can help you set the stage and bring your story to life by providing details on many things  from types of trees, berries, and animals to the colours in a river and even the … Continue reading

While I often like to listen to instrumental music when I write, some days I just want to listen to music with a good beat and a singer with a lovely voice!

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