Tomorrow the A to Z April Blogging Challenge begins


Tomorrow brings the dawn of a new day as the A to Z April Blogging Challenge begins. Good luck to all participants!

Since I have begun looking for inspiration, in the attempt to kick-start my writing, and my goal is to work at becoming more organized: these two concepts have become the true inspiration for my blog. I hope you will follow, The Os and Is of Writing, as I post interesting quotations, photographs and images of inspiring places, helpful books and resources, and search for prompts and ideas for writing, as well as, other things writers may want to know like: ways to organize writing notebooks, writing spaces, and collections of writing materials. Hopefully, somewhere amidst these posts you will find something helpful – whether it suits your inspirational or organizational needs – so Happy Reading and ENJOY!

It’s not about …

It’s not about how talented you are – and it’s not who you know – that gets you published. Most often the published writers are simply those writers who refuse to quit.

– Kristi Holl

Inspirational Photo: Take a Walk Down the Olde Wagon Road

Inspirational Photo: Take a Walk Down the Olde Wagon Road

The Is of Inspiration: Inspirational Photo & Writing Prompt

Walk this old road. See everything around you. Stop. Take the time to breathe in the fresh air. What else do you smell? What do you hear? Describe this setting using your five senses. Enjoy!

Down the Olde Wagon Road

Down the Olde Wagon Road

Talent is the a…

Talent is the assumptions we make about other people’s abilities that keep us from developing our own.

– Barbara Baig

“Starting the Writing Journey”  Writing Basics, Spring 2012


Talents that ar…

Talents that are not shared are not talents.

WING’s Fortune Cookie

Inspirational Photos: A Snowy Day by the Ocean

Inspiration can come from many places. Grab a camera and take the day to drive throughout the neighbourhood in search of yours.

Snap pictures of anything that might inspire you now or in the future. Store these pictures on a computer under a file (ie. Inspiration for Writing) and sort them into categories such as setting, trees, birds, wildlife, etc for easy access.

Use the photographs to create slideshows, which can be played across the computer screen or a digital picture frame, and set them on display while you are working. Take a moment to view them whenever there is a lull in your thoughts or your writing. They will be sure to spark the flow of ideas and restart your motivation.

Visit me on Facebook or my website for more inspirational photographs that I have collected and posted for your use.

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A Look Ahead to April: The A to Z Blogging Challenge

Starting in April, I will be an active participant in the 2013 A to Z Blogging Challenge.


My challenge will be to write, write, and WRITE!

For every day of April, except for Sundays, I need to create a blog post with a connection to a letter of the alphabet, starting with the letter A. I have already started plotting and planning, as well as typing, so hopefully I will be successful.

Look for me, in April, and check out the link attached to the bottom of every post that will allow you to view the other participants (and there are many – I am Participant # 701), their websites, and blog posts.

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When it comes to Your Writing: Are You Green with Envy or a Good Luck Charm?

By Denise Reashore

Whether you are a pessimist or an optimist, writing requires work. Know yourself and your writing habits and you can stack the deck in your favour.

Do you dig deep struggling to pull out writing?

            Or do you wake up with a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow?

Some writers need to plot and plan, digging deep and dragging the story out in order to get it on the page. Other writers mull ideas over in their heads – a pot of gold filling in the back of their mind. They go to sleep and wake up with pieces and parts of their story shining brightly, and all they need to do is write it down.

Try these tips:

  •  Brainstorm using webs – record all the possible ideas you are considering or might consider at a later date so that you can free your mind for writing
  • Allot a period of the day for planning and put aside a specific amount of time to work on plotting your story
  • Set a goal for number of words to be written each day and stick to it
  • Place a sticky pad or note book by the bed and jot quick notes before falling asleep or just after waking

Are you waiting for the deal of a lifetime?

            Or do you constantly feel as if you have won the lucky draw?

Self conscious writers hold on to their writing – afraid to share it because they are not sure how to handle criticism and think they will just continue to perfect it; all the while, waiting for the deal of a lifetime. Or there are writers who consider every idea a gift – records ideas often and celebrates the path their writing has taken. Do you consider yourself a very lucky person to have writing as a part of your life, whether or not you have a successful writing day?

Now is the time to:

  • Take the risk and send out your work. Submitting to contests that also critique might help you with perfecting your story
  • Record things you are grateful for each day – these ideas will probably serve as inspiration at a later date

Do you scoff at the fortune cookie?

            Or do you have the luck of the Irish?

Pessimistic writers find fault with aspects of their writing which prevents them from progressing. Optimistic writers will take the blow life deals, are courageous and prepared to take risks, and attempt to tread the difficult steps towards obtaining their writing goals. Even if you are an optimistic person, when it comes to your writing, you may fail to have a clear sense of your abilities and difficulty seeing the true value in your work.

To obtain success:

  • Make goals attainable – establish many small goals which are actually part of a much bigger main goal
  • Celebrate all successes – no matter how big or small
  • Set new challenges that encourage you to grow as a writer

So whether or not you are the hesitant gambler or the leprechaun, with a trick or two up his sleeve, knowing yourself and your writing habits can help you to make choices and decisions that will allow you to move forward. So put your coin in – all or nothing; after all, no matter what life deals you, all you really need is an original idea that could turn out to be that lucky one in a million.

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Just be yourself; you are wonderful.

Just be yourself; you are wonderful.

-WING’S fortune cookie

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