Inspirational Photos: A Snowy Day by the Ocean

Inspiration can come from many places. Grab a camera and take the day to drive throughout the neighbourhood in search of yours.

Snap pictures of anything that might inspire you now or in the future. Store these pictures on a computer under a file (ie. Inspiration for Writing) and sort them into categories such as setting, trees, birds, wildlife, etc for easy access.

Use the photographs to create slideshows, which can be played across the computer screen or a digital picture frame, and set them on display while you are working. Take a moment to view them whenever there is a lull in your thoughts or your writing. They will be sure to spark the flow of ideas and restart your motivation.

Visit me on Facebook or my website for more inspirational photographs that I have collected and posted for your use.

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About Denise Reashore

Denise M. Reashore spends most of her free time reading, writing, and gardening - - or staring out the window at the brightness of a new day and dreaming of digging in the earth. Throughout the winter, precious free time goes into mapping and planning her future garden and, hopefully, writing and reading retreat. The rest of the time, from September to June, she spends working as an elementary school teacher. She lives on almost 3 acres, in an old Victorian style home, with her husband, two lovely daughters, and a cat.

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