Inspirational Photos: B is for BOATS, BUOYS, BIRDS and BALLOONS

The Is of Writing: Inspirational Photographs

Use these pictures to help you fish for ideas:

Imagine riding in an outboard across the calm sea, early one morning in the middle of June, as you watch the sun rise. Destination – an outcrop of rocks, the perfect location during low tide for raking Irish moss.

Maybe, a new Lobster season is about to start. As you and your crew prepare to stack lobster traps on the wharf, after winning the local draw that decides who gets to load the wharf first, you board the boat to find the hull is full of water and the water pump is broken.

Or after a long day of hand-lining in a 36 foot boat, you arrive at the wharf to find a sailboat has tied up in your berth.

Never been fishing? You could pack a lunch and motor over to the nearest island for a day of relaxation and exploration.

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About Denise Reashore

Denise M. Reashore spends most of her free time reading, writing, and gardening - - or staring out the window at the brightness of a new day and dreaming of digging in the earth. Throughout the winter, precious free time goes into mapping and planning her future garden and, hopefully, writing and reading retreat. The rest of the time, from September to June, she spends working as an elementary school teacher. She lives on almost 3 acres, in an old Victorian style home, with her husband, two lovely daughters, and a cat.

19 responses to “Inspirational Photos: B is for BOATS, BUOYS, BIRDS and BALLOONS

  1. I’ll gladly write a book about the ocean as long as I get to visit it as well 🙂


  2. Barbara White Daille

    Thanks for the photos! The outdoor shots are especially good right now since spring is just around the corner.


  3. Nice photos. I miss the ocean. I’ve been landlocked for far too long.

    (Fellow A-to-Z participant)


  4. Nice photos. Maybe someday I might go on the ocean and see some bouys, birds & balloons 😉


  5. Anna Nordeman

    April 3rd, 2013
    Hi Denise,
    Nice to meet you!
    Thanks for visitng my C is for cats-post for A to Z. I usually give the first commenter a free extra link. You are first on my ‘C’ -post!
    Best wishes,

    Anna’s AtoZ-C-C is for Cats


  6. buttercup2000

    Your photos are terrific. Thanks for visiting Buttercup’s.


  7. Thanks for visiting my blog.

    What lovely evocative photos. I live some distance from the sea and I’ve never been fishing. Sad but true. Thanks for sharing.


  8. Birds and boats speak to my soul. Something about the solitude of a wooden paddle and the freedom of flight make me feel like all is right with the world.

    Both make frequent appearances in my photography. Thank you for sharing yours. I especially love the composition in the buoy markers on the wharf photo.

    ~Alana @
    Cheering you on from A through Z!!


  9. You have lots of great B topics here. I like almost everything you write about.


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