Looking Back: Q is for QUOTES

Is of Writing: Inspirational Quotes

It is time to VOTE! Which quote or quotes speak to you as a writer or a reader? Which one(s) inspired or caused that ah-ha moment? (Note: these quotes were all previously posted on this blog and can also be found under Quotes in the Categories list at the bottom of this page.

Please leave the # for the corresponding quote(s) and your comment below. 

1.      It takes courage to do what you want. Other people have a lot of plans for you.

-Joseph Campbell

2.      Writing something down, I often feel that I am “making room” inside my own mind so that new thoughts can arise or so that my mind can rest.

-Stephanie Dowrick

3.      …to be able to write consistently, this is a skill you absolutely must develop.

-Kristi Holl

4.      Just be yourself; you are wonderful.

-WING’S fortune cookie

5.      Talents that are not shared are not talents.

-WING’s Fortune Cookie

6.      Talent is the assumptions we make about other people’s abilities that keep us from developing our own.

– Barbara Baig

7.      It’s not about how talented you are – and it’s not who you know – that gets you published. Most often the published writers are simply those writers who refuse to quit.

– Kristi Holl

8.      Creativity is key to feeling alive, to meeting situations freshly even when things are not going as brilliantly as you may want. It’s key to doing things, thinking about events, facing life with some originality, using your senses – in your own way and style.

-Stephanie Dowrick

9.      Passion drives the popularity of blogs. Share your passion and enthusiasm, and readers are sure to be impressed.

-Robert Lee Brewer

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About Denise Reashore

Denise M. Reashore spends most of her free time reading, writing, and gardening - - or staring out the window at the brightness of a new day and dreaming of digging in the earth. Throughout the winter, precious free time goes into mapping and planning her future garden and, hopefully, writing and reading retreat. The rest of the time, from September to June, she spends working as an elementary school teacher. She lives on almost 3 acres, in an old Victorian style home, with her husband, two lovely daughters, and a cat.

9 responses to “Looking Back: Q is for QUOTES

  1. Just stopping by from the A-Z Challenge list to say “Hi” 🙂

    As a writer….number 7! Great quotes honey.

    Good luck with the rest of the challenge!



  2. Although I like all of them, Quote #1 really speaks to me. I’ve lived a majority of my life doing things that OTHER people wanted me to do. I’m finally finding MY voice.

    Tales of a Pee Dee Mama


    • Yes, sometimes it takes a while to do what you want. For me, no one was telling me I couldn’t. I just didn’t have enough confidence in myself and my own writing. Now I write because I like to and it doesn’t matter to me if people have “better things” to do with their time- that is their choice. This is mine. 🙂


  3. Yes, number 7 for me. Refusing to quit.

    Also stopping by from the A to Z. Enjoy the rest of the month!


  4. I like quote # 9. You’ve got to have passion! Dawn

    The Write Soil


  5. Vikki and Rebecca – You are right. Refusing to quit, writing because we want to or putting the time in that it takes, we do all of it because we have passion. Happy writing on A to Z.


  6. Barbara White Daille

    Are we allowed more than one. 😉

    Love #6, but my favorite has to be #7. I may waffle on some issues, but not the writing. As I said for Day Q, Quitting is not an option!

    T is for Triple Play: Two Teasers and Time’s Running Out
    The Daille-y News


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