Don’t let a Lack of Writing Scare You Away!


Don’t let a Lack of Writing Scare You Away!

By Denise Reashore

Beginning to feel like a ghost of your former writing self? Your spirit has dulled and inspiration is sparse? This Halloween try these tips to tear through the lull and shred any doubt in your writing ability. Write for writing sake, excite the senses and chop away at that writer’s block.

1) Find an interesting Halloween themed notebook. Use sticky tabs to divide it into 6 categories: SIGHTS, SOUNDS, SMELLS, TASTE, TOUCH, and Conversations. As little dragons, witches, and superstars stalk the night record snatches of descriptions and details in the notebook.

2) Don’t murder an idea – write it down. Start lists: lists of Halloween words, titles for Halloween books and short stories, and lists of possible names for characters in a Halloween themed piece. Record and save for another time, you never know when an idea will scream at you from the page or haunt your dreams during a restless sleep.

3) Spooky music might help sever any hold writer’s block has on you and make it possible to loosen the bonds of reality in order to write freely.

4) Don’t axe those recorded episodes of Face Off. This reality show is filled with interesting ideas and concepts as makeup artists try to thrill the judges. May your creative juices flow as contestants meet challenges of creating original characters that anyone would deem worthy of a Halloween haunt!

5) Spend a night screaming or rather listening to the shrilling screams of others as you view scary movies for inspiration. Punch pause, spend time writing or pass out treats, and pick back up where you left off when ready to be immersed in bloody thoughts and dark places.

Let the movies, children, and decorations be your inspiration this Halloween and enjoy the mood. Record the ramblings of scattered thoughts and random ideas as they creep into your mind and later, when pressed for ideas, this collection might be enough to help you hack the threat of writer’s block to pieces.

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