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Book lovers and writers have something in common. A love of the written word – and books! Every writer needs and has books. Shelves lined with books they like to read, copies of text in the area of interest in which they write or samples of magazines and stories they would like to branch out in. Libraries on Kobo or iPad. What sorts of resources do you use? What books grace your work space? Leave a comment and share with us.

A to Z Blogging Challenge: B is for …

A is for The Complete ARTIST’S WAY

The Is of Writing: Inspiration and Inspirational Resources

The Complete ARTIST`S WAY is a culmination of The Artist’s Way, Walking in This World, and Finding Water all wrapped up into one volume. 732 pages including a Creative Clusters Guide and suggested readings, this hard covered book will be a much desired and useful addition to your writing book shelf.

Other books by Julia: The Right to Write, The Artist’s Date Book, The Artist’s Way Morning Pages Journal, The Artist’s Way Work Book and many more…
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A to Z Blogging Challenge: A is for …

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