Zis for Zizzer Zazzer Zuzz

Is of Writing: Inspirational Writing Prompt

Just like J.K. Rowling and Dr. Seuss, invent plants, animals, and creatures such as a Womping Willow or a Zizzer Zazzer Zuzz.

Brainstorm plants and animals for a realistic ABC book.

Create new creatures for a fantasy ABC book.

Create a “bible”, a resource listing all of the plants, animals and names of places in your novel.

Try world-building. (Tolkien invented another language, but you do not need to be so elaborate.)

Related Materials:

Dr. Seuss’s ABC

Five Foundations of World Building (malindalo.com)

Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them by Newt Scamander (penned by J.K. Rowling)

World Building for Fantasy & SciFi Writers (awrighton.com)


The Is of Writing: Writing Prompt

Take a look back into your character’s life:

  • Find a mixed tape or cd burned in earlier days
  • Read a letter from a young friend from school
  •  Uncover a list of dreams or an old to-do list
  • Explore the discovery of an old journal entry

X is for eXperiment

Try something new. Don’t wait to find out what type of artist or writer you will become. Be the kind of artist or writer you want to be.

Experiment with genres, tools, and materials. Do what you love. Write what you enjoy to read. Take inspiration from others but make it your own. Emulate the artists you admire. Tweak it. Stretch the limits. Be bold. Be who you are! Try a new writing tool, purchase a new camera, explore a new medium, or play around with a different writing prompt. Go along for the ride. Enjoy the journey. Write. Read. Play.


V is for Video: The Lady and the Fox

The Lady and the Fox by Ruth Oosterman

This Canadian mother takes her art to a whole new level by using her daughter’s drawings to inspire her creations. Check out her site, The Mischievous Mommy, for more mother/daughter collaborations.

Find an interesting video (of any sort). Use it to inspire your work.


Unclutter Your Work Space

For some, clutter is a way of life. Are you holding on to things with the best of intentions? Living with too much stuff and no where to put it? Or just can’t seem to clear it out.

Evaluate your Work Space

Is it working?

  • Yes— What is work? Why?
  • No—What isn’t working?— Sort: Keep/Toss — Reorganize the Space

Start small. Choose a drawer or a shelf.

If you want to focus on making it look nice, use glass trays, deep candy dishes and fancy goblets to put items on display. Try decorative boxes and fancy tins or reuse elegant watch boxes to hide things away.

If finding items is your goal, use an organizing tray or a utensil holder to hold items that need to be within reach. Stacking shelves allow for sorting items but take up less space. Hang an organizer on the wall for sorting mail, bills and correspondence.

If you need items to be easily transportable, baskets with handles are great for when you need to tote items, like markers, paints, books, or other supplies to another room.

If you like projects to be on display, try using a cookie sheet or a metal cooling rack to display inspiration to keep you motivated. Tilt or rest it against a wall or mount on an old chimney using wire (if you are lacking space) and use magnets or decorative miniature clothes pins to clip or hold items.

Share your decluttering tips. Tell us your stories of an attempt or several attempts to unclutter your work space. What didn’t work for you? What finally seemed to do the trick?

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The Spring and Summer Bucket List for Writers (Free Printable!)

For those interested in more bucket lists, visit Aino at The Writing Days. In her online breakroom for writers she posted a Spring and Summer Bucket List for Writers.

The Writing Days

The Writing Days / The Spring and Summer Bucket List for Writers (Free Printable!)Hi guys and my sincerest apologies for the long absence! I’ve been so busy with everything else that I had to drop something for a while. I’m feeling more energetic now, so hopefully I’ll be able to get back to posting several times a week. The lovely spring weather here in Finland is definitely helping.

Today I thought I’d do something different, so I made a printable you can download. It’s a spring and summer bucket list for writers with several writing prompts and activities you can do to inspire your writing during the warm months. Here it is!


If you use any of the prompts, let me know! It’d be lovely to read what different kinds of texts the same prompts can inspire. Also, share your summer activities on your blog and let me know how you keep yourself writing during the summer – always up for new…

View original post 34 more words

Quote: Amelia Earhart on tenacity

“The most difficult thing is the decision to act, the rest is merely tenacity.”

-Amelia Earhart-

Writing Prompt: S is for Shopping List, Secret and Snack

The Is of Inspiration: Writing Prompt

  • Write a shopping list for your villain.
  • What secret is your character dying to tell?
  • A favourite food for a midnight snack. What would it be?

Writing Prompt: R is for Rainbow

Photo: Rainbow over a baobab tree

Photograph by Beverly Joubert

The Is of Inspiration: Writing Prompt

Colours of the rainbow are well-known, unless you are from another planet, alternate universe or visiting new worlds. Change out the traditional colours of the rainbow. What if a colour was missing or didn’t exist?

Writing Prompt: Q is for Qualifications

The Is of Writing: Writing Prompt

If he or she was applying for a job, what 3 phrases would best describe your character’s qualifications?


Describe your character from the perspective of three other characters. What qualities do they identify with or admire? Which ones do not get their approval?

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