Writing Prompt: Weather Forecast


Writing Prompt:

Weather forecasters are predicting 30-50 cm of snow and anticipating the worst storm of the season. How does your character prepare?

Writing Prompt: Rumour

Writing Prompt:

There is rumour of a gas shortage. How does your antagonist or protagonist react?

Picture Prompt: Snowy Day

Picture Prompt: Snowy Day

Saturday Morning Picture Prompt: Snowy Day

The Is of Writing: Inspirational Photograph and Picture Prompt

Take the morning to write about snow. Describe a light snow or a blizzard. Write about an anticipated winter storm with wind and snow warnings. Write about the events of the day and how a storm or light snowfall would affect them. Describe the preparations that go in to preparing for winter or the dangerous results of an unexpected storm.

Use your senses, show don’t tell, and take time to include each one into your writing.

Let inspiration come from the photograph above, find one from your own collection or use the illustration/photo from this or last year’s calendar.

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