Using a PROMPT Box

PromptBoxes-denise reashore

Prompt boxes can come in many forms and hold a variety of things. Be creative. Use one or all of these suggestions to inspire ideas for your next writing session:

  • Repurpose decorative jewelry gift boxes, watch tins, and homemade gift card boxes. Write a list of nouns. Cut up the list and add to the prompt box of your own choosing. Select several nouns from the prompt box and try to use all of them the next time you sit to write.
  • Gather a variety of items, memorabilia with personal connections, and souvenirs from around the word. Place them in a gift bag, a reusable bag from a clothing or retail store, or a tote box. Reach in and choose one to spark your next 15 minute writing session.
  • Snap photographs and print them, collect postcards, and cut pictures from magazines of settings that you find interesting. Paste them into a scrap book or toss into a picture box. Randomly select one to inspire writing.



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Writing Prompt: For a Cold and Snowy Day

Writing Prompt:

A Cold, Snowy Day


Photo Credit:

The Is of Writing: Inspirational Writing Prompt

It’s for times like this I keep a shovel…


Brainstorm a list of story ideas and/or words that are related to snow.

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Writing Prompt: R is for Rainbow

Photo: Rainbow over a baobab tree

Photograph by Beverly Joubert

The Is of Inspiration: Writing Prompt

Colours of the rainbow are well-known, unless you are from another planet, alternate universe or visiting new worlds. Change out the traditional colours of the rainbow. What if a colour was missing or didn’t exist?

P is for Playlist

The Is of Writing: Inspirational Music

Create a playlist for writing time that inspires you or has a similar theme as your novel. What 5 songs would be on your playlist?

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H is for Hungry Horses…


Cartoon Horse 46

Hungry horses sitting on a hillside, having honeyed ham with hollandaise sauce, hummed happily on a hot and humid day.

Be creative and have some fun. Choose any letter in the alphabet. Set a timer for 5 minutes. Brainstorm words that begin with the letter you have chosen. Then play with words, mix and match and see what happens. Crazy or wacky, just write it!

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Writing Prompt: F is for Familiars

The Is of Writing: Inspirational Writing Prompt

A witch’s familiar is often portrayed as a cat. But, does it have to be?

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Writing Prompt: C is for Colour

The Is of Writing: Inspirational Writing Prompt

Purchase a large box of crayons. Spend time exploring the box, the various shades and the colour names given to each of the crayons. Let their unique names inspire your own descriptions of colours. Make a list of the colour names that spark a particular interest.


Writing Prompt: B is for Bucket List


The Is of Writing: Inspirational Writing Prompt

Create a bucket list for a character.

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October Sunrise

Inspirational Photograph and Writing Prompt: October Sunrise

October Sunrise

The Is of Writing: Inspirational Photograph and Picture Prompt

Practice writing descriptions with a focus on settings. Describe what you see and take this opportunity to get creative. Just let your mind wander as the pen travels across the page describing possible sounds, smells and textures. Can you include the sense of taste? Try this writing activity with your own photographs whether it be a photograph from your youth, a family members or even a painting.

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