Writing Prompt: Mysterious Animal

Writing Prompt:

Mysterious Animal

The Is of Writing: Inspirational Photograph & Picture Prompts

Prompt #1:

Sometimes coming up with just the right title can be a daunting task. Create a list of titles that are inspired by this photograph or could accompany this picture as the cover of a new book.

Prompt #2:

Our eyes often play tricks on us in the dark or even in the light of day. When trying to glimpse something through the bushes or at a distance away, we are never really certain of what it is that we see. Write a description about this mysterious animal.

Prompt #3:

Use this photograph as inspiration for a spot or location in your story. Where are you? What is happening?

Fairy Tales

Writing Prompt: FAIRYTALES

fairy-freevintageillustrations-comPhoto Credit: FreeVintageIllustrations.com

Fairy tales never seem to lose popularity. Re-write an old tale to fit a modern day event and problem or fill a town with fairy tale characters and see what happens. Try writing your story from the point of view of the antagonist instead of the protagonist or play around with entwining two fairy tales to create an alternative version.

Check out this book:

Jon Sciezka The True Story of the Three Little Pigs

Saturday Morning Writing Prompt: Pocket Watch

Writing Prompt:

Pocket Watch

Saturday Morning Writing Prompt_Pocket Watchphoto found at freeimage.co.uk

The Is of Writing: Inspirational Picture Prompts

Brainstorming Through the Passage of Time…

Prompt/Idea #1

Record a list of book titles. Write a lengthy list of titles for a novel using the word: Time. Record as many ideas as possible within 15 minutes.

Prompt/Idea #2

Create a list of short story titles which include the word: watch (watch, watching, and watched). Use it as a noun or an action. Create long and short titles. Make sure to include some silly and serious titles and record any catchy phrases that you might be able to use at a later time.

Prompt/Idea #3

By making word associations, record as many ideas as possible for the phrase: Passage of Time.

Prompt/Idea #4

Search the internet for a song that includes one or more of the following words: stop, watch, or time. Read the lyrics or download the song and listen. Choose one phrase or line that is appealing and provides you with inspiration. Then write, write, and keep writing.

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Writing Prompt: Weather Forecast


Writing Prompt:

Weather forecasters are predicting 30-50 cm of snow and anticipating the worst storm of the season. How does your character prepare?

Picture Prompt: Along the olde dock


Inspirational Picture Prompt:

Write an introductory paragraph using this picture prompt.


Writing Prompt: Rumour

Writing Prompt:

There is rumour of a gas shortage. How does your antagonist or protagonist react?

Writing Prompt: ABC Book

Record ideas for an ABC book, real or imaginary. It could serve as an foolproof guide to a new universe, planet, or land. You could use it to help provide background information to your character or tell the backstory of your main character.


The Is of Writing: Writing Prompt

Take a look back into your character’s life:

  • Find a mixed tape or cd burned in earlier days
  • Read a letter from a young friend from school
  •  Uncover a list of dreams or an old to-do list
  • Explore the discovery of an old journal entry

Writing Prompt: S is for Shopping List, Secret and Snack

The Is of Inspiration: Writing Prompt

  • Write a shopping list for your villain.
  • What secret is your character dying to tell?
  • A favourite food for a midnight snack. What would it be?

Writing Prompt: R is for Rainbow

Photo: Rainbow over a baobab tree

Photograph by Beverly Joubert

The Is of Inspiration: Writing Prompt

Colours of the rainbow are well-known, unless you are from another planet, alternate universe or visiting new worlds. Change out the traditional colours of the rainbow. What if a colour was missing or didn’t exist?

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