Writing Prompt: A Hat


Writing Prompt:

Describe a hat.

Tell the story surrounding a particular hat.

Explain the reason for gifting a hat.

Try one or all three of these prompts. Or pick a different item but apply each writing prompt idea.

Writing Prompt: Animals in Winter

 Writing Prompt:

Animals in Winter

Animals in Winter

The Is of Writing: Inspirational Photograph & Writing Prompt

Take some time to describe the animals you might see in the winter.

If you have a camera, go out into the stormy weather or on a nice snowy day, photograph pets or wildlife and use those photographs for inspiration when describing animals in your stories.

Writing Prompt: For a Cold and Snowy Day

Writing Prompt:

A Cold, Snowy Day


Photo Credit:  http://www.copyright-free-photos.org.uk

The Is of Writing: Inspirational Writing Prompt

It’s for times like this I keep a shovel…


Brainstorm a list of story ideas and/or words that are related to snow.

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H is for Hungry Horses…


Cartoon Horse 46

Hungry horses sitting on a hillside, having honeyed ham with hollandaise sauce, hummed happily on a hot and humid day.

Be creative and have some fun. Choose any letter in the alphabet. Set a timer for 5 minutes. Brainstorm words that begin with the letter you have chosen. Then play with words, mix and match and see what happens. Crazy or wacky, just write it!

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Writing Prompt: F is for Familiars

The Is of Writing: Inspirational Writing Prompt

A witch’s familiar is often portrayed as a cat. But, does it have to be?

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Writing Prompt: A is for Azure

The Is of Writing: Inspirational Writing Prompt

Azure is a beautiful name and a name is very special. Inspiration for names have come from flowers, months, days of the week and, yes, even colours. Be creative. Make a list of colours that could be used as names. Choose one colour and write a character sketch. Go a step further, choose to do this for a week and you will have seven new characters.

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A Valentine’s Day Writing Prompt

 A Valentine’s Day Writing Prompt


The Is of Writing: Inspirational Writing Prompt

Does your character love Valentine’s Day or hate it? Why? Tell about the best or worst valentine ever received, a mystery gift, or dream valentine surprise. Or write about a day gone terribly wrong, the Valentine’s Day your character wishes never happened.


Picture Prompt: Snowy Day

Picture Prompt: Snowy Day

Saturday Morning Picture Prompt: Snowy Day

The Is of Writing: Inspirational Photograph and Picture Prompt

Take the morning to write about snow. Describe a light snow or a blizzard. Write about an anticipated winter storm with wind and snow warnings. Write about the events of the day and how a storm or light snowfall would affect them. Describe the preparations that go in to preparing for winter or the dangerous results of an unexpected storm.

Use your senses, show don’t tell, and take time to include each one into your writing.

Let inspiration come from the photograph above, find one from your own collection or use the illustration/photo from this or last year’s calendar.

October Sunrise

Inspirational Photograph and Writing Prompt: October Sunrise

October Sunrise

The Is of Writing: Inspirational Photograph and Picture Prompt

Practice writing descriptions with a focus on settings. Describe what you see and take this opportunity to get creative. Just let your mind wander as the pen travels across the page describing possible sounds, smells and textures. Can you include the sense of taste? Try this writing activity with your own photographs whether it be a photograph from your youth, a family members or even a painting.

Writing Prompt: Z is for ZODIAC SIGN

The Is of Writing: Inspirational Writing Prompt

Review Zodiac signs. Choose a birth date. Create a horoscope for a character. Write one for today, tomorrow, and yesterday. Where does your character read his/her horoscope? Or write about a horoscope your character read in the past that he/she is remembering. Why is it important years later?

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