Writing Prompt: Mysterious Animal

Writing Prompt:

Mysterious Animal

The Is of Writing: Inspirational Photograph & Picture Prompts

Prompt #1:

Sometimes coming up with just the right title can be a daunting task. Create a list of titles that are inspired by this photograph or could accompany this picture as the cover of a new book.

Prompt #2:

Our eyes often play tricks on us in the dark or even in the light of day. When trying to glimpse something through the bushes or at a distance away, we are never really certain of what it is that we see. Write a description about this mysterious animal.

Prompt #3:

Use this photograph as inspiration for a spot or location in your story. Where are you? What is happening?

Quote: T.S. Eliot – Sometimes things become possible

“Sometimes things become possible if you want them bad enough.”

T.S. Eliot

Using a PROMPT Box

PromptBoxes-denise reashore

Prompt boxes can come in many forms and hold a variety of things. Be creative. Use one or all of these suggestions to inspire ideas for your next writing session:

  • Repurpose decorative jewelry gift boxes, watch tins, and homemade gift card boxes. Write a list of nouns. Cut up the list and add to the prompt box of your own choosing. Select several nouns from the prompt box and try to use all of them the next time you sit to write.
  • Gather a variety of items, memorabilia with personal connections, and souvenirs from around the word. Place them in a gift bag, a reusable bag from a clothing or retail store, or a tote box. Reach in and choose one to spark your next 15 minute writing session.
  • Snap photographs and print them, collect postcards, and cut pictures from magazines of settings that you find interesting. Paste them into a scrap book or toss into a picture box. Randomly select one to inspire writing.



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Quote: Salvador Dali – imitate

Those who do not want to imitate anything, produce nothing.

–  Salvador Dali



Fairy Tales

Writing Prompt: FAIRYTALES

fairy-freevintageillustrations-comPhoto Credit: FreeVintageIllustrations.com

Fairy tales never seem to lose popularity. Re-write an old tale to fit a modern day event and problem or fill a town with fairy tale characters and see what happens. Try writing your story from the point of view of the antagonist instead of the protagonist or play around with entwining two fairy tales to create an alternative version.

Check out this book:

Jon Sciezka The True Story of the Three Little Pigs

Book Trailers

Are you interested in branching out? Do you feel like trying something new? Experiment with book trailers. Use them to advertise your novel or non-fiction book. Create one for a short story or to accompany a poem or make a trailer to help spark interest in your future writing project.

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Check out Katie Davis’  Evolution of a Book Trailer (katiedavis.com)


Quote: Pablo Picasso – Art

Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life.

Pablo Picasso

Saturday Morning Writing Prompt: Pocket Watch

Writing Prompt:

Pocket Watch

Saturday Morning Writing Prompt_Pocket Watchphoto found at freeimage.co.uk

The Is of Writing: Inspirational Picture Prompts

Brainstorming Through the Passage of Time…

Prompt/Idea #1

Record a list of book titles. Write a lengthy list of titles for a novel using the word: Time. Record as many ideas as possible within 15 minutes.

Prompt/Idea #2

Create a list of short story titles which include the word: watch (watch, watching, and watched). Use it as a noun or an action. Create long and short titles. Make sure to include some silly and serious titles and record any catchy phrases that you might be able to use at a later time.

Prompt/Idea #3

By making word associations, record as many ideas as possible for the phrase: Passage of Time.

Prompt/Idea #4

Search the internet for a song that includes one or more of the following words: stop, watch, or time. Read the lyrics or download the song and listen. Choose one phrase or line that is appealing and provides you with inspiration. Then write, write, and keep writing.

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Writing Prompt: Weather Forecast


Writing Prompt:

Weather forecasters are predicting 30-50 cm of snow and anticipating the worst storm of the season. How does your character prepare?

Writing Prompt: A Hat


Writing Prompt:

Describe a hat.

Tell the story surrounding a particular hat.

Explain the reason for gifting a hat.

Try one or all three of these prompts. Or pick a different item but apply each writing prompt idea.

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